DESIGN TOOLKIT in association with Poster Poster is proud to announce the completion of Poster Battle 2016.

Design students from all over the world were asked to submit posters on the theme of No selfie thought, no culture. Participants were asked to visualize their personal – selfie – thoughts on a subject that they, personally, consider significant (for example: the future, health, love, friendship, human rights, everyday life, the environment, relationships, etc.). Participants were free to choose the visual style they prefer for their posters (typography, illustration, photography, etc.).

The submitted posters were judged by a distinguished jury of international judges, which included: Maria Papaefstathiou, Natalia Delgado, Andrew Lewis, Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Peter Bankov and Stavros Damos.

In total, 520 posters were submitted, from 14 countries.

The jury members rated all submitted posters, based on how well they answered to the brief and on aesthetic and design merits.

Below you can view the 50 posters that received the highest ratings! Congratulations to everyone who participated!

The Top-3 rated posters are:

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